Haro guys. So im at uni atm, realy bored. Since Ive been here for ever.. xD na ive been here since 10.30am i think, its now almost 2, and im still here til 6, cauz im meetin up with kara at 3.30/4ish.

Anyway, i just finished my creative arts assignment. OMG ive never finished an assignment this early. could actually go hand it in if i wanted to ^^

But im here friday and thursday as well, so meh. =)i just have to print it out, write the coversheet, get a folio to display it in and BOYA:D done. my science one shouldnt be a problem, since its a group, and as far as i know its done and ready to hand in <3

so now i have upto 2 hours with nothing to do.

yesturday i was cleanin up at andrews, packed..i had like 10 bags =( and then went home. hung out with andres new almost girlfriend xD and my internet first ddnt work, then did, but was so slow the page wouldnt even load. which is why i ddnt blog =(

i watchd some tv, did zumba twice, watched the four weddings show <3

TODAY, GLEE SEASON TWO STARTS. at 7.30 i think <3 whooo im so excited. an hour of awesumness. does it go for an hour, or half? i duno

bt yeah. today will soon be over, then tomorrow im mega buisy xD as usual. na jus uni in the mornin, then southy after <3. friday im here most of the day as well. well i think im meetin up with my spaces crew at 8 <.> then tute at 10. then hopefully home by 12 :D

gah, im so tired already.

KNOW WHAT? i love my red hair. its funky xD haha i hope andrew does too.

actually, does he know what colour it is? maib his gramma told him, or maib he saw it on fb. cauz he hasnt asked again =(

maumaumau. i miss my scooottaaaa. =( but ill see them again in less than a week too

an im goin to dads on sunday hopefully thatll be fuuun :D and distracting, so i wont miss anjew so much anymore. OMG ITS LESS THAN A WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!