Its monday =( but tomorrow, in a week, andehll be in the plane, on his way home <3 hihi i miss him <3

at uni at the moment. finally back together wif my crew xD

so excited. got my assignment back. 50 outof 50. HD. SCORE :D yay. (Learning assignment. thanks tab, sara &caterz :D)

shes watchin scrubs again ^^

carrotcake is such a sweetheart. i hope bec an dyl work out..or they have a clean break an its ok.. <.> liam was right, the covern is breaking apart. Good luck carrotcake.

today was ok...well until now. got some good work done on my assignment. (arts) and im about half way through at least. i mean, its only monday and i could finish it with a couple of hours concentrated work :D woooo <3 yay.

i need to get going

blog u later