gar ga gara

so i was gna get up early today and get going, but wante loads of sleep, so i ddnt set an alarm. i was up by 10.30 =(( the cats were meowing so bad. haha. so i got going after that tho. zumba, sit ups, breakii, watered the plants...finaly! haha ... showered..home to clean bathroom, do some washing, walk laila, go to richies... did some more sit ups... had some lunch/dinner..which wasnt very nice so i ddnt hav much.... then got going on my assignment. im quite a bit through already. i mean ive almost done half of it, but i still hav to include references, and i hav to print it out, organise my pics and stuff. i wana make a folio kind of thing, with pictures in it and the storyboard printed out. so i hav to print iv got some more stuff to do. but ill get up early 2mo and get to uni early, so i hav 2 hours before i meet up with my buddies at 10. jus means gettin up early =( but i need to get it done.

By tomoz i hope to hav finished most of the writing, plus included some references..i hope to hav at least 5 or 6, preferrably around 10.

called andrew was fun. loads of laughs.. always good. i miss him so much. but its only anothe 9 days. by this time in 9 days, hell be sitting here right next to me...or well be upstairs doin naughty stuff :b haha depends on how tired he is ^^

oh, ive done zumba a second time exhausting...and then went straight to colour my hair..its in now..andrew doesnt know what colour im going..hihi and he thinks its black. i said i think hell notice. since im nt sure how dark itll be, and if it looks ok, so now he thinks its black xD itll be such a surprise. haha. the colour was orange when i applied it. i hope it jus goes red tho. i dont want orange hair-no offence liam. but i don't think i could rock orange as well as carrotcake does :b hihi

im kinda cold, but too scared to put on a hoodie, since i don't want to make it dirty. im gna hav to go wash it out soonish.. finished at 7 40, so its in for 40 mins or so... i should probably wash it out..latest at 8.30

I WANA MAKE CHOC fondent. :D

anyway...gah it feels so late, even tho its not xD

both cats are inside too :D wait..i heard a meow..i need to go check