So its now 10 days, excluding today, including the day that andrew comes back. :D

It took so long to blog today, since its saturday and i was at my dads all day. I left this morning, had to get money out first, then get some petrol, and then drove to dads. we went to airport west, loads of cuddles from justin <3. found out i was getting an iphone4 too :D and we hung out at the house for a couple of hours. played some wii --mariocart-- but i suck at the bike one =( had some food, brought home some cake, a shirt and a photoframe. so pruty <3

Ill hopefully see dad again next weekend, so i can get my iphone. by monday, its been 3 weeks since he ordered it, and it should have arrived by now. but it will hopefully next week so i had a good day, even tho i was lazy last nite and didnt do zumba, just some situps. today, ill have to do loads, even tho is already 8pm, and more tomorrow, since i havnt been eating properly yesturday or today. too much food.

unfortunately, scoota,scamp and jess had to be outside all day =( so they ran to me as soon as i opened the door <3 scootas sittin right next to me, half sleeping.

omg im watchin this weird movie, and its pretty much like (ZATHURA) uhm... whats that movie,....the scary one..where the game is real...i knew the name befoe.

anyway, its kinda scary. in the other game, it was about afrika and animals, this ones about space and robots and stuff.

so kinda..a bit mad at liam, cauz he was rude, but he dsnt remember so i can't rly be mad.

andrew found out that by calling me, being on international roaming, and me calling his cell, he has gone 200dollars over his contract <.> so now i call the home phone, since international calls are included in my contract, and it won't cost me much. i feel bad tho. thats a huge bill he's gna hav <.> ouch.

im such a lazy bastard.

JUMANJI. that was the other movies name. its just like jumanji, but with space.

aniwai, so yah. tomorrow, i need to get myself organised. on tuesday, I'm going to have to go to southland. buy some more runners. print out pics, and get stuff for my creative arts assingment ^^I want to get it done early, so i don't have to worry about it on friday.

I also want to get some photoframes that I can hang up on andrews wall. maibe. ill make a todo thing for tomorrow. if i do it step by step, maib ill actually do what i wanted to then ^^

see you tomorrow <3

I love andrew <3