So, ive been gettin quite slack with my blogging eh? So i did end up doing zumba last night. And i've tried on my jeans. well they fit, i can get them up and buttoned, but theres quite a muffintop, so theres still loads to do =(

But I can get them up again :D which is a good thing<3

Had a great breakfast this morning <3 got downstairs round 9am. And I finally cleaned out andrews room as well ^^ It took a while, going through all the crap in his draws, which he probably hasnt touched in 3 years xD Then went home, where I had a Ly-cuddle and laila cuddle, no phone this weekend either =(

Mum gave me her creditcard so I can get some money out since I havnt been paid :D yay. and I gots some food.

(and hair colour. Its fckin bright red xD AWESUM)

So anyway, I had an awesum dinner, but way too much. tortijas <3

I also put on the other face-mask. It felt kinda weird, but don't notice a difference I think...oh well ^^ It was very cooling

I also gots som vanilla coke <3

OMG i wanted to try celery, so i boughts a couple of celery sticks. THEYR DISGUSTING!!EW

and i gots a notice from bubz. :D the shirts are awaiting packaging <3 YAY hihi so excited. maib another 2 or 3 weeks

gna see dad tomorrow. cant wait to see justin again :D as usual. hes so cute :D

Apparently my phone hasnt arrived cauz of problems with orders at Apple. I better get mine before andre does. Ill have it by the time andrew comes back I hope. I mean, Ill drop by before I pick up andrew <3 so excited about him coming back. More than a third through already <3 hihi.

I finally looked up Pandora stuff, and I found out, that you can get the actual bracelet for like 60bucks, and the charms from 30. I mean you can get realy expensive ones, but omg, theyr not as expensive as i thought. Gah i so want one, but I don't think i could spend that much on myself. i mean, on just a bracelet.

But you don't have to buy all the charms immediately..gah so prutty <3

so its almost 7. quite exhausted, as bloody usual xD

soo excited to get my shirts <3

miss you andrew