Hello carrotcake. Don't know who else reads this :b So today was ok. I did end up doing zumba last night, and its so exhausting. Its only 20 minutes, but its so full on. And then I did 40 sit ups, and could NOT do ANY more. it was rediculous. I havn't been sleeping enough, and I'm so exhausted.. guess thats the close to no sugar or fat thing thats been keepin me so exhausted. But that means Im burning fat <3 I do already have to tighten my belt a bit more than I did before. I was SO hungry at Uni, and it was only 11 o'clock. And then I get headaches, since I don't drink enough water. But when I'm home its ok Dinner/Lunch was a tiny bit of chicken, left over rice, and peas with a tiny bit of mozarella. SO YUM. even tho i gave 2/3 pieces of chicken to jess. It was nice, I don't know why I didn't want it. So i slowly cooked the chicken in loads of peanutoil, so it wouldnt burn again, then threw in the peas and rice into the pan, let that sizzle until the peas were unfrozen and cooked, and the rice was hot, and threw in some mozarella, let that melt and off into a bowl <3 so yum, specially since the rice had a bit of salt in the water when i cooked it so it was awesum-saucly nice <3 YUM with that i had some pepsi max. I do preferrrrr coke, but they always buy pepsi here, so itll do. Ive been staying away from soda, since its all bubly, and its sweet, so itll make me want more sugar, even tho theres no actual sugar in it. But i figured ive been so good today, i was allowed one watchin the stupid cooking show again gah hes so clumbsy and an idiot. but he looks like santa. fat, gray hair, and reeeed cheeks Invisible Network of Kids. Im kinda pathetic. haha. its the only thing on tho. Gah so much Uni work lately, and then the whole cleaning up here...and the redecorating thing <.> I love andrew. I miss him so much. I thought it was getting better, but the way he sounded it jus made it worse. cauz he was all sad and missing me too <.> Hes so gorgeous. Hell be home soon..another .... 12 days. in exactly 12 days ill be at the airport/on my way there to pick him an our fam up :D