Hi there chumms... its already almost 6pm, and I havnt blogged all day. Know why?

I was at Uni just past 8am this morning, and then were sitting in the hockey pavalion thingi, where we had no privacy at all to do anything. I left at lunchtime and went to work for period 4 and 5, where I didnt do much, since the students would rather talk to eachother in german, prepping for the oral sac, rather than me. how sad =( i felt so ditched. I thought they liked me.

Anyway, i did that, then went home, pretended to have walked laila, moved the leache, and stuff, dropped off the trainticket i had to buy for andre, and left before they came home <3 by then it was 4.30, got home, fed the cats, meant to make food, instead went through the pantry for ages, finding stuff, then making dinner, some too old tortijas, which were all flaky and breaking everywhere, some rice, chicken,lettuce and tomato. It wasnt much, but i felt ful. I hadnt had anything to eat since this morning, where I gave half my roll to jess, since i didnt want it

OMG i cant believe its been 5 days. on one hand it seems like ages ago since andrew left, on the other hand my time seems to be flying. Its not like i have loads of time at home. i still havnt cleaned up. and it wont happen today. But tomorrow night, and friday.

Apparently, My phone still hasnt arrived at my dads house. Which sucks BALLS!!GAH

simpsons <3

Carrotcake is now gone to Metallica, so hell hav loads of fun, but it means i dont have a talkin buddy for tonight.

now lets go murder our enemies. Peace :D haha. follow instructions? Hes dooomed! haha simpsons <3

anyway, yah today was ok. anjew can text me now, and i expect a call anytime soon now ;D so yay. i just hope my paypal stuff works out <.>

love andrew so muach


So andrew called <3 and we had a like, half an hour talk about our day, and everything and anything <3 hihi its so awesum. hearing his voice every day helps me so much. I don't know how id survive without hearing him tell me he loves me and misses me every day. its less than two weeks now. yesturday it was two weeks, wrote it wrong in other blog. haha thought it was monday on tuesday o.O how the week flies away eh. anyway, so I waited for andrew to call, then talkd to him <3 and am now watching a second new episod of simpsons, the third for the night.

I'm so cold its ridiculous. ive got the heater on upstairs and down, am wearing a black pair of pants, then trackies over that, and my waaarm knit booties haha and my monash jumper, a hat, and a scarf. but its so cold outside. scooter came for a cuddle just before. he loves cuddles. especially at night. and he sticks his butt up cauz he likes gettin it scratchd haha its so cute, and bad as well. weird. but both cats are inside again, and their not leaving until tomorrow morning.

DAMN i missed the 4 wedding thing, cauz i didnt know what channel it was on. I just remembered half an hour ago, that it was on anyway. at 7.30 i knew there was something on, but didnt know what.

what am i gna watch now??

I rly dnt wana do zumba tonight...i think i wont. xD feel like being naughty haha na im just so exhausted..i duno

RaR ga RaR Ra!