Today started great!! i got up earlier than i shuldav to drive matt to the repairers, but then he didnt need a lift anyway. so i watchd tv for half an hour. then i went to get petrol at seven eleven. for the first time, i used my card to pay for that and some smokes. Then two hours later, my mum calls me up, saying that seven eleven called the police, who called her, since it is her car, and said i stole the petrol, but payed for the smokes. I, thank god, took the receipt and still have it with me, and now have even printed out my bank statement, saying that $20.51 petrol was payed, and $17.10 for the smokes, which makes up 37.61, which was taken off my bank account, and the receipt states the exact same thing. i was at tank 13, and i have no idea whats wrong. Now I have to go past it again, to resolve it. if i don't by the end of today, i will be charged with stealing. :O WTF

on a better note, scamp came home around 12.30 last night, after i broke down several times crying, screaming for scamp and scoot to come home. It was petrofying. Scoota came home 10 mins b4 scamp, and i cuddled him so much <3 and then i sat down, and scamp strolls into the room, looking at me. i gave him a humungous hug, gave them food and put them into their room. by this morning, their bed had fallen onto the floor, and they were sitting on it flipped over, on the flooor o.O

At uni, we finially did our implementation for creative arts. now i only have to do my personal bit. Even tho the carer didnt seem very happy to have us here, we got through with it, and it was all good

Now sitting with caitlin and her group for science, and typing this up, since my group wont be here for another hour.

It took me an hour to print out the bank statement. stupid monash weirdo printers.

as long as i dont loose my receipt its all good


today, im having chicken <3


So, i finished my time at Uni. Im almost done with science and tech, have written down my obersvation, and have sorted out seven eleven.

The dumb idiots, which they are, saw my car drive away a minute before another person filled up their car and didnt pay for it. so i was there 9.29, and the other person was there 9.30, and the guy saw my car drive off, thinking it was me that didnt pay. so yeah <.> they coulda given me a complimentary slushy or something, gee. didnt even properly apologize. never getting there petrol again, unless i CAN NOT help it at ALL!. gah. made me worry so much all day.

Then I came home, and saw steves car in the drive way. yay, i cant park there anymore =(

apparently gramma dropped the car off somehow, and took the bed-linen off two beds, and left again. walkd around everywhere to find her, oh, and brought the rubbish bin out, which i forgot this morning/las night.

So then i had some dinner at 4.30 haha. i had..some more thin egg nest noodles <3 some satay chicken, loads of pees, and loads of lettuce chopped up. 1/3 of a plate of lettuce, 1/3 of a plate of peas, and then some noodles, with a bit of chicken on top. gee, i feel so full now. its that little bit of chicken and so many vegies. but i needed some meat. I hadnt had any since... friday night? yah we had curry on friday night. hadnt had any since. so yeah.

Today is another one of those realy spring kinda days. you can really see it coming now :D i hope the weather gets better soon. this changing, cold weather..especially with the rain and wind,..can be quite fucking aweful.

Huey sucks.


Andrew called his phones working, but the place hes stayin he has no reception. But hes only there for tonight. called while they were getting take out. hes so gorgeous. hearing his voice just makes my day

By the way, both cats are inside, and i wont let them out :b hihi. jess just needs some food tho. My side hurts <.> hm. i didnt go jogging today, since i didnt walk laila. so..well..i still need to do my zumba -roll eyes-and sit ups and stuff. this better actually make a difference <.> gar.

easy A sounds so good <3

i love andrew. I miss him. =( two weeks and a day.