so my third day has started. Last night, sending an unanswered text to andrew, i was quite close to tears. But i made it. ealryish to bed, read for a while cuz i wsnt tired animore, and woke up 10 mins before my alarm went of, panicking that i had missed it. Cats proved tricky to find, hardly had any time for  breakfast, but managed to have a little, a mouthfull of juice and half a cup of coffee. desperately hope that gramma wont come around, cauz the house is a mess. planning corn and satay chicken for tonight, but forgot to take the chicken outof the freezer, so might have to replan.

Its only 10.30, and im already kinda hungry, even tho i vowed to myself i wouldnt eat until i got home around 4pm tonight. chewii is helping a bit. Might not b able to walk laila cauz of the rain <3

Wearin my new <3 earrings and necklase, green polo and blue/black jumper from andrew, and mums short leggings. very comfy. unfortunately its not as warm as it was this morning when i woke up anymore, so im a bit cold when outside.

the house is a mess, dishes, upstairs, the living room...i just desperately home gramma doesnt come home.

I miss caterz and tab and sara, at least ive gt tash and rach, and carrot cake and jess to follow around =)

oh, by the way, im going red. well a dark redish purple colour. but not right now. in two weeks ^^ itll be fun <3 whatdu fink, Carrot cake?


So i jus used my paypal account. i didnt want to wait for andrew to send me his details, and keep on feeling bad for askin him, so i made my own. yay. now waiting for my shirts to come sometime soon <3

I gots outof uni early, after listnin to the most boring lectures ever. about 3 hours wasted on nothingness, since he coulda explained that in all of 10 mins, and i coulda made that movie without any instructios. gah theyr so stupid. And then i wated around to get no hopeful feedback, and be sent home. this is so pointless sometimes.

But at least i didnt think about andrew all day. I could have made 45 dollars, but didnt check my emails. gah. and then spent over an hour at home, even tho i didnt hav to. Cauz matt wanted me to drive him to the mechanics, but the car isnt even ready yet. so now i hav to get up early, to drive him off tomorrow morning, before Uni =( GAH. so ill leave at 9am tomorrow, and won't be back before 3. WHY <.> thursday, leave even earlier, working at 9 until 10, then going to uni until 1, or 2. But thatll be the end for going to uni/work for the week <3

Then hopefully dads on satday. Maib ill go to southy on friday, looking for stuff for andrews room, or do my assignment. Uh i like that idea better!!do the whole assignment so i dont have to worry about it next week.


Do u think anjew will read all this when he comes back carrot cake?

He probably forgot about the fact that this exists already =(

ur my only faithfull reader :b

Im hanging on loosing weight and counting down the days until andrews gone. otherwise id fall apart. Im so preoccupied with the food that im eating, and the excersises that im doing, dont know what id do without it.

Love you andrew... <3<3<3 

gah, i missed simpsons, again, just blibdly "watching" news, without noticing what time it was, or what channel i was on. Zoning out is a good idea lately...u soon as i think about missing long itll be till i see him again..or anything like that..and im close to tears. itll be like that..i mean..yeah. wow. already the end of my third day. time seems to be flying, simply because theres loads to do, and i zone out..just sitting, staring at the tv, and sleeping a lot. nights can be going to bed early is a good idea.

Just before, Jess would NOT stop barking. dont know what was outside that made her react like that. 60 sit ups, some more coming before i go to bed.

OMG. what the fuck is with those pads that have patterns printed on them? who the fuck is gna see ur pad while ur wearing them? its jus gna b covered by ... red anyway. so why the fuck would u want patterns on it? seriously? my rant for the day. i just get so... weirded out whenever i see that add....why???next tampons will hav weird patterns on them too.

and why cant education university students distinguish between there and they're? sorry, saw someone texting...there is such a difference between them <.> gah. stupidity. I make mistakes. I KNOW. and stuff on purpose...but that. geee.<.>

i had the thin egg noodles that come in like rolled up nest type thingis...with corn. OMG they were sooo nice. i so know what im gna hav with my chicken tomorrow <3 yum!

thanks for all the support carrotcake :b

two and a half men <3 only tv today, no movie. hav kinda run out, plus cbf. at least there is 'ok' tv to watch, since its during the week.

Seein my dad on satday, and getting my new phone. <3 hopefully. OMG..i got paypal, didnt know how it worked, and i might hav a big problem now....hope it all goes ok <.>

hot and cold weird ^^

Love andrew so much..who knows how much ill say that while blogging here...

andrew just called <3 sneakily with his dads phone ^^ hes so gorgeous. he already bought me a gift. maib its the anklet haha. hes so purrfect. Anyway, his memory seems to be great, since he remembered the shirts i wana get hiihii. watching good news week. so funny. haha now pancake called, for a pin gots it. so cute. cuddled jess for mommy annie again now my hands smell :O andrew is such a cuty. i love him so much. nothing to say, but it was so nice just to hear his voice and argue about who misses who more, and who loves who more. that was so great. i knew it was him. came inside, expecting it, well hoping, desperately hoping, and almost dying when i heard his awesum voice. it was just meltingly good<3 hope i can dream of him..havnt been remembering my dreams lately, since i wake up just before my alarm,and am not disturbed in my dreams... but i hope ive got good dreams <3