Since I fell asleep for around 2 hours on the couch last night, and then went to bed around 9.30pm, I woke up around 7.30 this morning. But I dosed another hour or so. It wasn't so bad this morning. At least Anjew was with me in my dreams. how cheezy xD anyway, I slept quite well cauz I had cried so much before. So now I've had some breakfast, a coffee, and watching Footloose <3 while scoots comes up to give me cuddles. He's such a cuty. I'm sure they all miss the family a lot, and are happy that at least someone is here. I hope they see me as part of the family already, and don't feel too lonely. I don't know what I'd do without them.

So my day today has started off a lot better.

I moved my plans to see dad and my bro's to next weekend, since I'd like my phone when I go as well. Otherwise I'd have to go again next weekend anyway. loose <3


Well...i watchd sum futurama, walked my doggy...uh watchd the magician, now watching mona lisa smile, its really good. but i think ive seen part of it before. I threw half my dinner/lunch to jess. Too much gravy, too much salt in the noodle water..i ddnt work out as well as it did yesturday. Not exactly happy atm, but im doin ok. sat on/in his car again...hes so great <3 Altho wev both put on som weight i a little, him hardly any, nothing has changed. hes still as great as ever, and i love him more evry day

scooter just joined me for a cuddle..but has already left me again =(

I felt so bad for goin to bed early last night. locking in the cats..gah <.> but thats why i dragged my arse outof bed early to make sure they culd come out.

I've been pathetically worried about Jess being ok. On satday, grannie let her out, without me knowing, so i ran around the house,and the backyard screaming, scared that shes lying somewhere, dying, cauz she ddnt come when i called. So i ran around the back, out to the street in socks, hoping shes ok, panicking, when she came bouncing my way from the driveway, just waiting for someone to come home. Im sure she misses mommy annie.... Just like i do <.>

And now I'm about to start a whole week without friends, since all my good friends are doing a diff course to me, and are all on placement, and im not. so i spend 3 whole days with people i dont realy like, or get alog with.... its not going to go well. Dont know what id do without the animals around me.

I loooved mona lisa smile. After that..i did some zumba xD and am now watching mini masterchef. the kids are cute...  Ive just calmd down enough to start my sit ups for tonight and stuff. I've been quite good today. a third of a bowl of pasta and pees, some breaky, and 1 little piece of choc. Otherwise only water and some fruit. Just need to keep it up, and cut down on my breaky. A bit too much there xD I want to fit into my jeans by the end of the week, and into my tight jeans by the time andrew comes back. Oh please. Its a long shot, but i really want to.

Might get the chicken outof the fridge tho. i do need some meat at some points.

So great to hav carrot cake to talk to. He gets my mind off Anjew sumtimes. Jus sucks that i wont have caterz, tab an sara this coming week to do so as well. But ill be buisy anyway. Hav three full days of uni, tuesday is implementation time, and friday maib work. And then i desperately need to get a start on both of my assignments that are due end of next week (24th). well since one is a group ass i dont have to worry about it too much. itll all be done at uni. so i only have to worry about my other assignment, which i havnt even looked all<.> oh well ^^ thats how i roll

nightsies ;D hi carrotcake. thanks for reading hihi