Hey who ever reads this blog xD

My Anjew has just left for New Zealand today, and I'm now alone until he comes back on the 28th.

 So now, after wanting to go to highpoint, or my dads after the airport drop off, where I payed 20 dollars for an hour and a half parking :O, but then missing the exit, or taking the wrong freeway or something, becuase I was crying so much, I'm home, watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith on tv, while trying to battle my headache and making plans for the clean up that I'll be doing while he's gone.

 I've got a lot of plans for the next two and a half weeks, but one is a general clean up of the boys area up stairs and a make over/spring clean up for andews/our room. Itll be fun. I'm starting today too.

 My drive home wasnt so good. After being ditched, I couldnt decide what shopping centre I wanted to go to, and then was also upset by that stupid parking. Then I wasnt sure where I was going, so I think I missed a turnoff, and either drove past the exit to my dads, or something, but I couldnt find it. I noticed that I'd gone past it, because I was way too close to the cidy already. So I drove home. And then I remembered how lonely I was in the car without him. And that no matter how long I stayed up, noone would come home at night, to swoop me off my feet and give me a cuddle, or crawl into bed while I was sleeping, waking me up just enough to cuddle up to him and feel his soft chest against my cheek. So I'll be sleeping alone in the bed for two and a half weeks. Wakng up in a mostly cold bed, always waking up, still half dreaming, and thinking he'll be there. Then remembering that he's not there. So yeah, I got really depressed on the way home, and that made me not watch the road as much as I should have...driving on two lanes, swerving into other cars kinda thing.... who can drive while sobbing? I mean, seriously.

 But this was not supposed to be a blog about depressing shit.

So today, we gots up early early, I got up at 5.30am, then left around 6.40 to the airport. For some reason steve decided to drive along beach road for the whoole way to the city. we could have been there so much earlier. They checked their bags, we had breakfast :D cauz maccas ''hot cakes'' haha and we sat around...then the drive home <.> emails while kiddy tv, and now Mr. & Mrs. Smith while starting this. Hiihii this movie is funny

Anyway, I'll go clean up soon, anyway, ill start upstairs, in andrews room, And I was thinking about getting some diff coloured blue material and hanging the walls with that. Cauz his room is boring. But I don't think I'll put too much effort or money into it, since we're hardly ever up there. But I wanted to do loads of stuff for him, cauz he always does for me. And I need to keep myself occupied, quoting carrot cake there xD I miss andrew so much already, and he hasnt even landed yet <.> These 18 days will go on forever!

So I had some awesum lunch/dinner, shell noodles, with gravy and pees. It was the best!!

But then I went out and sat down in anjews old car..so many good memories...I really fell in love with him in there...so close to tears...then i finished watching heart breakers, went upstairs to start my clean up, and they called <.>. How am I going to make it without him?

I cried..and he had to get off. I don't want to ruin his holiday! Hope I don't <.>

I love him so much