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hai guys

I'm Lisa, or Bunni.

I'm 19, live in Melbourne, and am studying Early Childhood Education at Monash, Peninsula Campus.

I'm half german, half polish, and moved over to Melb like 4 years ago, in 06 with my Mum and Bro.

I have 5 brothers, one that lives with me, one step, one half, and two in law (xD) my boiifriends brothers. but their like real brothers to me.

My boiifriend, Anjew(Andrew) and I are inceperable. He does, and would do anything for me, and i love him so much <3. We're together every night, and whenever we can during the day as well <3

My life is pretty awesum, Uni, Andew and work is pretty much all i do. I dont work much, but love it.

I also love hanging with family and friends, my puppy Laila <3 and Anjews animals, Scamp, Scootaaa and Jess <3

Can't think of many things that could be any better.

Hope to blog again soon.

Wisa <3 xoxo

1.8.10 13:40


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